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Children's Eyewitness Testimony

  • Memory, cognition, and language

    • Age trends and individual differences

  • Suggestibility

    • Interrogative suggestibility

    • Misinformation and source monitoring

Forensic interviewing

  • Interviewing protocols

    • Purpose, structure, and standards

  • Best standard practices for conducting forensic interviews

  • Interviewer training standards

  • Interview Aids

    • Anatomical dolls

    • Anatomical diagrams

    • Tele-forensic interviewing

Children's Eyewitness Identification

  • Identification techniques and memory processes

  • Developmental considerations

  • Best practices for conducting identification tests with children

  • Accuracy of children's physical descriptions

Dynamics of Disclosure

  • Delayed disclosure

  • Recantation

  • General acceptance of CSAAS

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